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July 11, 2007 NEWS:

  • I wrote an open letter to Motorola regarding their horrible KRZR phone's UI.
  • I bought a motorcycle in May, a red 1982 Kawasaki GPz550 (without decals):

    Then I sold it and bought a new 2006 model Honda 599 (cb600f aka Hornet) two weeks ago:

Mar 6, 2007 NEWS:

  • Tbird was given away to the towing company. But I bought and sold a Porsche for a profit of $1000.
  • After the Audi was totalled I bought a Probe. Then the differential went out on it so I sold it -- but I still have the wheels and tires to sell for $379 or so.
  • Now I drive a 1989 Saab 9000 Turbo wtih 242,000 miles on it; and I also have a 1984 E-150 club wagon van -- but not photos yet.

Mar 22, 2006 NEWS:

  • Well I have been adding photos to this site, in the following places: Misc, Jetta (I sold it), Supra (I sold it), Tbird (I want to sell it).

Mar 28, 2004 NEWS:

  • I took some photos while working on this site, during absolutely sick weather and travelling via my old Trek 8000.
  • Something occurred today that's chance was 1 out of 1000: I was listening to Chris Isaak's Wicked Game and thought how ill it would be if Chariots of Fire came on next (both songs often hit me physically), and it did. I had my ipod on shuffle.
  • Oh, join tribe.net, it is better than friendster (note), but I have friends on both. I had an idea to make a trillian of online web-based forum societies... anybody want to help with this?
  • I posted an equipment guide I wrote for camping on the Oregon Coast.

Feb 5, 2004 NEWS:

  • I bought an A4, and hooked my computer up and and plotted a dynograph for HP/Torque at the wheels. (Quattro has 21% drivetrain loss). (Updated on the 10th to reflect actual weight measurements.)

Dec 12, 2003 NEWS:

Sept 11, 2003 NEWS:
  • I went on a recent backpacking trip, with Rob, Erin, Dave, and Andy and took a few photos. Before that I took a 4 day hike around Mt. Hood, Oregon.
  • I added a 3-d pic of my car to the other site of mine.
  • A while ago I created ISSR, a highly customizable web based image search tool. It is useful for sites which sell photographs.
June 25, 2003 NEWS:
Oct 15, 2002 NEWS:
  • I created a little alcohol document with some suggestions from Kale Clauson about alcohol.
June 9, 2002 NEWS:
  • I have born a new site about me. It contains some new photos as well.
Mar 15, 2002 NEWS:
Sept 20, 2001 NEWS:
  • See the Squirrel NutZ.
    When does the moon attack? The moon attacks at midnight.

::::::Other Notices::::::::::::::::::::

I was inspired by Montgomery Burns and his Flag Day fortune cookie: YouWillFindTrueLove.com or ywftl.com. There also is a guide to Portland there.

I have a 2001 Audi A4 for sale.... but I am not trying hard to sell it. So I'll probably be selling my Jetta some day. Both SOLD!

I have a Supra Parts Car for sale. Sold!

I have a 2004 Marzocchi MX Comp 1" steerer fork for sale. Sold!

In my last term of college (got a BS in CS) I lived in a garage and in a laundry room.

I have been a member of the International High IQ Society since March 6, 2001.

For other random stuff, links, check out "more" stuff.


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I have lost another grandparent of my father's side:

"Larry Broschart CET, retired owner of Consolidated Electronics Ltd., Portland, Oregon, died July 27, 2003. He was one of the founders of ISCET, had served as president of the Portland Chapter of OPEA. He was a certified Journeyman, held an FCC First Class license, and received the International Technician of the Year Award in 1981. Graduate of Multnomah Electronics College (now University of Portland Multnomah School of Engineering), he was a retired Major in the U. S. Air Force and a jet fighter pilot."

(p. 19, ProService A Journal of NESCDA and ISCET, Aug. 2003)

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