Hello, and welcome to the hompage for the cookie webring. What the hell is the cookie web-ring, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's a group of super cool cookie making muthafuckas who link all there pages together to create a big collection of cool ass webpages. How much does this really have to do with making cookies? Not much. But making cookies kicks ass and they taste damn good! Listed below are the home pages of its members so far.

Dominic.........a page filled with cool ass pictures and ideas from a tattooed boy who is downright insane.

Cris.............a Chilean fellow who has an equally interesting page filled with pictures and nutty stuff!

Dillon............he runs a web site with pictures and a compilation of scewed up stories about donkeys and Tijuana.

Captain Dan....keeping the fortuitous, factuos, fool factor alive, Dan's page contains some interesting stuff as well. 

Chris....introducing Pappa Nasty's love hideaway. this fella is the drummer for a local Irish drunk rock band called the Dolomites.


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